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Dedicated Partner Search tool

This C-Energy2020 Partner Search Facility has been established by the network of H2020 Energy NCPs to help support its clients in establishing consortia. This web service is strictly focused on the open calls for proposals under the Energy area of the Societal challenge Pillar of Horizon2020 and the Euratom Calls (complementary programme for nuclear research and training). 


Download the H2020 Energy 2018-2020 workprogramme (1.3MB Pdf document).

Download the Euratom 2018 workprogramme (0.5MB Pdf document)


See below for links to other H2020 Partner Search tools (NMP, ICT etc)


Entry options.

On this web-service we discern between

Partner Offer - Researchers who offer their research expertise and who would like to collaborate in possible project consortia


Partner Search - Researchers or consortia with a definite idea for a project who are looking for other partners to complement the expertise scope of the consortium


Using this Tool:

  • Register to submit a profile

In order to submit your own partner offer or partner search you first have to register.

  • Submit Entry

Once registered you have the opportunity to send your own partner offer or partner search to the C-Energy2020 consortium. The information will appear online as soon as it has been quality checked by the responsible, country-specific NCP.

  • Search Entries

You can use the Search facility to search for already published partner offers or partner searches.

The user manual provides detailed information on the use of this service. Download the Partner Search Tool User manual.


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